For professional reparation, calibration or for buying your surveying equipement. Please also visit the webshop with old and new instruments!

GSI-Opticals is a small one-man company in the south of The Netherlands, but it is large in its passion for and experience with surveying equipement. It is owned by Guy Paone who collects, repairs and calibrates instruments like levels and theodolites for clients all over the world. Guy Paone started his 'hobby' during his study to become a surveyor and a GPS operator at the BOB, engineering office Zondag in Bruchem (the Netherlands). His earlier year at a watch vocational school and his many years of experience in the field of construction helps him daily with difficult repairs and calibrations.


Webshop and reparation
GSI-Opticals has a nice collection of (old and new) levels, theodolites, total stations and construction lasers. Some of them are for sale in the webshop on this website.


Buying old instruments from all over the world, Guy Paone has found out that some of them were not working anymore. But that doesn't stop Guy Paone; it only challenges him to (learn to) repair them. Simply by trying, searching for information and learning from others. 
He is always on the hunt for spare parts: sometimes he uses an instrument which can not be repaired as a donor and sometimes he makes mechanical parts himself. That means that the instruments on this webshop are all in good working condition!


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Over the years GSI-Opticals has repaired various surveying instruments for clients worldwide. Clients like Greg Bennett from Australia, who ownes a remarkable collection of Wild Heerbrugg instruments such as levels and theodolites. On the website '' you will find his collection and a very nice thank you towards Guy Paone for reparing some of his beloved instruments.

Some of the instruments GSI-Opticals has already repaired are:
-Kern Aarau K1-V
-Kern Aarau DKM2 (old and new models))
-Kern Aarau GK23, GK0
-Wild Heerburg T1, T16, T2, TO, T1  (from all of them the old and new models)
-Wild Heerburg T5, T06 
-Wild Heerburg N0 t/m N3, NA1, NA2 (old and new models)
-Zeiss NI22, NI005, NI2

-Zeiss TH42
-Sokkia C-serie
-Trimble 5603
-Leica 1103
-Nikon Total Station DTM, 820, 730-serie
-Topcon DT6
-Several lasers


The instruments that GSI-Opticals sells or repairs, are also being calibrated before sending them back to their owner. Guy Paone uses various professional and reliable collimators for the calibration: collimators from Zeiss, Brunson or Moller Wedel. But you can also send your own instruments to GSI-Opticals to have them calibrated. Prices for calibration are starting at 40 euros and more. The exact price depends on the particular instrument and comes with additional costs for cleaning, when required, and also with the costs for package and sending.


Interested or perhaps you want a noncommittal quotation?

Are you interested whether GSI-Opticals can help you with reparation or calibration of your surveying instrument? Or perhaps you are looking for a particular, maybe even rare instrument or you want to sell your own instrument? In all of these cases, please contact GSI-Opticals. The most easiest way is to email: Guy Paone will then anwer you as quickly as possible. When you call: 0031 61288 2188, you have to keep in mind that he can not always answer the phone.